Time: September 17-18, 2015 (09:00 - 17:00). Participation is free from the EU28 Member States, registration is mandatory which is valid only after confirmation from the organizers, number of attendees is limited, EU stakeholders welcome.

Conference Venue:  E. S. de Gastronomía y Hostelería de Toledo  C/Río Cabriel 1. Polígono Sta Mª Benquerencia  Toledo (España).


Language: English

TO WHOM IS ADDRESSED: The Conference is aimed to representatives from state, regional and local administrations, research centers and universities, recycling and fertilisers companies, and representatives from farmers SMEs and farmers unions.

Main sections:

  • Compost and Biochar: applied science state of the art, progress from science into economical scale industrial applications.
  • Advanced compost and biochar processing technologies: main results of the REFERTIL project. Converting scinence into economical inbdustrial practice.
  • Analytics and quality specifications of biochar and compost products.
  • Current status of the EU law harmonization of organic fertilisers and soil improvers,  REFERTIL EU policy support works.
  • Phosphorus Recovery: needs, technologies and drivers.
  • P and N Natural Solutions, Efficiency and Environmental protection.

Free registration for the Conference

Registration closing date: 10 September, 2015