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EIP-AGRI Nutrient Recycling Focus Group

Mr. Edward Someus/Terra Humana Ltd. has been selected for member of the EIP-AGRI (run by the European Commission DG Agriculture and Rural Development) Nutrient Recycling Focus Group.

The aim of the Nutrient Recycling Focus Group: How to improve the agronomic use of recycled nutrients (N and P) from livestock manure and other organic sources?

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Animal Bone biochar (ABC) investment project 2016

ABC industrial replication model is a recommended investment project by HIPA (Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency).

Utilization of the REFERTIL project results

On March 23, 2016 the Wessling Group celebrated a new establishment of the Wessling Knowledge Center in Budapest, Hungary in the field of environmental and food safety analytic, where REFERTIL BIOCHAR is also interlinked. The establishment of the Wessling Knowledge Center has been celebrated by Dr. Erwin Wessling and also by the attending high rank German and Hungarian Government officials and the top management of the Wessling group. The Wessling Group consisting of 30 laboratories in nine countries world wide with 1200 employees and also many other interconnected laboratory cooperation.

Biochar in Poland: Biochar in Poland – science, technology, business 2016

This conference is organized in the response to growing interest in biochar in Poland among academia, industry and public administration. Date: Monday, May 30, 2016 to Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Location: Warszawa, Poland For more information:

REFERTIL presentations:
Edward Someus: EU and Member State legal, permit and quality requirements for biochar import, manufacturing, placing on the market and use above > 1 ton/year capacity
Edward Someus:Different types of biochar products for agronomic application as soil improver and innovative fertilizer